The Rest of the Way to Maine

So after a long two weeks of working hard and adventuring the beautiful state of South Dakota. I begun my travel to Maine. On my I stopped in Wisconsin to visit some friends. While being there for a week I had a great time. I saw an old friend whom just got engaged to a lovely gentleman, than I stayed with a good friend. We went camping and I met a lot of people who love dirtbiking, seeing how we were at a dirt bike track.

Two weeks pass by, and I venture onto going to visit my mom in Chicago. It was a blast we stopped just out of the city and started to drink and enjoy our time together! We had so much fun, and met a lot of awesome people at the local bar we went to in the area. Sadly the next morning we woke up a little behind schedule and continued our journey to Maine.

We got into a funk after driving seven plus hours and decided we would just stop in Buffalo,NY. We ended up getting a hotel and relaxing, having a few beers along with ordering some take out. So we could continue the rest of our journey with zero hangover.

We arrived in Maine just yesterday evening.

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