The Beginning of the Maddness

The Beginning of the Madness

Have you ever just felt so frustrated in life? Just everything isn’t going right. Relationships including all types, anything work related, and simply just trying to enjoy yourself was always wrong. 

It all started back a few months ago, for some reason I got into a funk or at the time I was saying, “bad luck”. I had just signed a new lease, got a new car, and was working at one of my most favorite places. Seems legit, right? That was not the case more and more I could find myself just giving up on everything including things I love. Expect one, drinking somehow excelled, of course with the bartender life. I thought it would be considered depression then I soon realized I just truly hated living in the spot I lived, Orlando, FL. I have been there for close to three years; met some amazing people, went threw a couple different jobs,attempted to go back to college at a crappy school (which is half the reason I want to leave), explored the state and most importantly learned about myself but it just wasn’t  the place for me. I just truly thought I was generally different then majority of the people there, the things they believed in and the way they lived their life just wasn’t for me. Everyone has their own things but in my opinion it wasn’t for me. It didn’t feed my soul the way I had hoped it to be when I moved down there at the age of 19. So instead of living unhappy, frustrated and confused, I then planned my escape route to my happiness. 

One word to the beginning of my journey of creating myself, Sturgis….

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