Black Hills:

For anyone who knows me, or follows me on any social media groups has probably seen how I travel and bartend motorcycle rallys in a handful of states across the United States. But Sturgis, is a different ball game to the rest of them. All my biker friends know what I’m saying by that. It is like Vegas but, Country and Rock style. “What happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis,” kind of thing. This working vacation was more for me to just get away from the daily cycle I had put myself in.

My lease for my house was up and I knew I did not want to live in Orlando so I figured I would just put all my stuff into storage and drive across the country, to find the place I’d like to call home. Well, besides Maine, born and raised….

I was truly lost within myself, I had no idea what I wanted to do in general, even writing this, while I’m at the bar, I’m not 100% on what my life totally has entail for me. But I have finally realized what I do NOT want or in my life. The first steps to creating yourself…

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