Where to begin… I have so many different opportunities that have risen up over the past week in Maine. So many options that keep coming into play with my life. I recently have been working on, The Pier in Old Orchard Beach. It’s awesome, hangout by the ocean all day and night and bartend is such a great time. However, they close for the season at the end of September.

My next plan was to move to Nashville and bartend out there with a few ladies I worked with in Sturgis, SD. It’s a perfect set up down there where I can bartend and work until March when I move too San Diego. This morning an opportunity came up at my friends job where they need a bartender. If I get the job I would be staying in Maine. This is where I’m coming to a crossroads for the next months ahead. Do I take the job and stay in Maine for a bit, or head out to Nashville and take my chances out there?

Both situations are idle too me, but I guess I’ll keep y’all posted on my decision.

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