Has anyone felt like you’ve been miss lead? Or just someone was not straight up with you? I feel like everyone has been in this boat at sometime or another.

I feel some people tend to miss lead others when they aren’t positive on what they want for themselves. I don’t think they always mean to hurt others, but I honestly think it is a very selfish way to go about things. If you are not sure, you should be honest with the person be forward and open. It helps for both ends of the relationship because maybe the person on the other side has similar feelings.

The key to a true, healthy relationship, is communication. Well obviously there is other parts that are important too. But communication is much needed. Being in totally communication with another person creates trust. When you trust someone you’re more likely to be honest and open with them; and what better way to start than with open communication.

I recently went through this, I honestly thought the guy was just being a douche bag. But in the end after I thought of it from his prospective I had a different insite. There has been distance, and not totally open communication. I was not sure what was totally going on in his life, and I just thought he didn’t want me to ask. But as soon as I did he opened right up and told me what was going on. I just assumed that it was me or something but it was just that there was a lot going on in his life that I totally did not understand. We may not be on the same page by any means but we are a step closer to communication. Regardless where the relationship ends up.

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